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Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Jinshan District, Shanghai, Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.(TCK) integrates research and development, production, and marketing of comprehensive hygiene products. We can produce all kinds of wet wipes, dry wipes, single-piece wet wipes, multi-piece wet wipes, disposable soft dry wipes and other sanitary products. OEM/ODM Hand Sanitizer Wipes Manufacturers and Wholesale Antibacterial Hand Wipes Factory in China. The product categories mainly cover infants, adults, and elderly user groups. With the ability to independently research and develop new environmental protection technology and equipment, TCK can produce MPM nonwoven fabric and make MPM production lines. It has two wet wipes factories in Shanghai and Zhejiang, 9 fully automatic bagged wet wipes production lines, and a complete production line paired with imported automated production equipment and testing equipment. Taicikang uses rigorous production processes to create a satisfactory and reassuring customer experience.

TCK's main sales channels in the domestic market are online Tmall,, Douyin, OEM sales, offline NKA and BC supermarket systems/maternal and infant/cosmetics systems/GT dealers, etc. TCK also provides OEM/ODM services for brand wet wipes in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

TCK has ISO9001 certification for quality management standards and has established a strict quality control system, with a one-time acceptance rate of up to 98% for finished products. By dedicating ourselves to the production and manufacturing of wet wipes and nonwoven roll materials, we provide customers with a good product experience.

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We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets. As OEM/ODM Hand Sanitizing Wipes Factory in China. Our products are in line with international standards and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Industry knowledge
How hand hygiene wipes effectively kill bacteria and viruses on hands

The key to hand hygiene wipes effectively killing bacteria and viruses on your hands lies in the disinfectant ingredients they contain and the correct way to use them. Here are some ways to effectively kill bacteria and viruses on your hands:

Choose wipes with effective disinfectant ingredients: When purchasing hand hygiene wipes, choose products that contain clinically tested effective disinfectant ingredients. Common disinfecting ingredients include alcohol (ethanol or isopropyl alcohol), chlorides (such as chlorhexidine), etc. These ingredients effectively kill bacteria and viruses on your hands.

Proper Use: When using hand hygiene wipes, use them correctly and in accordance with the product instructions. Usually, just take out a wet wipe and gently wipe the surface of your hands and between the fingers, making sure the wipe covers all hand surfaces, and keep wiping long enough to ensure the disinfection effect.

Keep it moist: Make sure the wipes stay moist as the disinfecting ingredients take time to work. If the wipe dries out during use, you can use a new wipe to continue wiping your hands.

Wipe thoroughly: When wiping, be sure to cover all hand surfaces with the wipe, including fingers and between fingers. Especially between your fingers, bacteria and viruses often hide there, so pay special attention to wiping them thoroughly.

Avoid reuse: To ensure effective disinfection, it is best to avoid using the same wipe over and over again. If multiple wipes are required, it is best to use multiple wipes to ensure each wipe is effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

What should we do if hand hygiene wipes dry out during use?

If hand hygiene wipes dry out during use, the following steps are recommended:

Use another wipe: If a hand hygiene wipe dries out during use, it is best to stop using that wipe immediately and use another moist wipe to continue wiping your hands. Keeping wipes moist is critical to effectively disinfecting and cleaning hands.

Seal the package: If the wipes are drying out because the package was not sealed properly, you can try resealing the package with your hands to ensure the wipes do not continue to lose moisture. Sealed packaging helps keep wipes moist.

Pour water: If the dry wipes are caused by prolonged exposure to air, you can try pouring a small amount of water into the wipes package to allow the wipes to reabsorb moisture. Then wait a few moments for the wipes to fully absorb moisture, then stir gently to ensure even distribution of moisture.

Use a spray bottle: If you don’t have a water source, you can also use a spray bottle and spray clean water on the wipes to re-wet them. Then wait a moment for the wipes to fully absorb moisture to ensure they are moist.

Close the package: After using hand hygiene wipes, be sure to seal the package opening to prevent the wipes from losing moisture. Properly sealed packaging can effectively extend the moisturizing time of wipes.