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Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Jinshan District, Shanghai, Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.(TCK) integrates research and development, production, and marketing of comprehensive hygiene products. We can produce all kinds of wet wipes, dry wipes, single-piece wet wipes, multi-piece wet wipes, disposable soft dry wipes and other sanitary products. OEM/ODM Butterfly-Embossed MultiForm(MPM) Nonwoven Roll Manufacturers and Wholesale Butterfly-Embossed MultiForm(MPM) Nonwoven Roll Factory in China. The product categories mainly cover infants, adults, and elderly user groups. With the ability to independently research and develop new environmental protection technology and equipment, TCK can produce MPM nonwoven fabric and make MPM production lines. It has two wet wipes factories in Shanghai and Zhejiang, 9 fully automatic bagged wet wipes production lines, and a complete production line paired with imported automated production equipment and testing equipment. Taicikang uses rigorous production processes to create a satisfactory and reassuring customer experience.

TCK's main sales channels in the domestic market are online Tmall, JD.com, Douyin, OEM sales, offline NKA and BC supermarket systems/maternal and infant/cosmetics systems/GT dealers, etc. TCK also provides OEM/ODM services for brand wet wipes in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

TCK has ISO9001 certification for quality management standards and has established a strict quality control system, with a one-time acceptance rate of up to 98% for finished products. By dedicating ourselves to the production and manufacturing of wet wipes and nonwoven roll materials, we provide customers with a good product experience.

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We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets. As OEM/ODM Butterfly-Embossed MultiForm(MPM) Nonwoven Roll Factory in China. Our products are in line with international standards and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Industry knowledge
What exactly are the native plant fibers in Butterfly Embossed MultiForm(MPM) non-woven rolls?

Butterfly-Embossed MultiForm(MPM) Nonwoven Roll medium native plant textiles are usually derived from native plant natural textile materials, small materials can be multi-species plant textiles, materials selected by specific manufacturing companies. A trivial summary of protophyte details:

Cotton flower fabric: Cotton flower fabric is the most commonly seen natural cotton fabric, and the cotton flower plant's cotton iron is the most commonly seen. The product has soft clothing, has good water absorption characteristics, and is made of soft clothing that is suitable for use.

Wood pulp fiber: Wood construction typically involves the production of regenerative native plant materials during the processing of native wood. The equipment has good water absorption performance and strength, and is commonly used in various types of paper products.

Flax fiber:Flax fiber comes from natural hemp plant-derived natural fiber, has excellent water absorption and permeability, and is a flexible and transparent textile product for manufacturing.

Cannabis fiber: Cannabis textiles are usually derived from the stems of the cannabis plant, have excellent durability and water absorption performance, and are suitable for use in manufacturing.

These small native plants can be used individually or mixed and are available in many different products with flexibility, absorbency and durability requirements. MultiForm (MPM) is a free-woven fabric that uses a small amount of native plant material to provide a soft, absorbent, and durable product.

How does butterfly embossing improve the absorbency of butterfly embossed MultiForm(MPM) non-woven rolls?

Butterfly embossed design in butterfly embossed MultiForm (MPM) non-woven rolls can improve its absorbency in the following ways:

Increased surface area: The butterfly embossed design forms concave and convex textures and patterns on the surface of the non-woven fabric roll, increasing the surface area in contact with liquid. This allows more fibers to come into contact with the liquid, improving absorption efficiency.

Improved liquid capture: Concave and convex textures and patterns can better capture and retain liquid, preventing it from escaping or dripping from the surface. This helps ensure that more liquid is absorbed by the fibers rather than simply evaporating or running off the surface.

Enhanced liquid locking ability: The butterfly embossed design can help the fiber lock liquid more effectively and prevent it from being re-released or leaking out during use. This helps ensure a more thorough and long-lasting cleaning process.

Improve the gap structure between fibers: The concave and convex texture can improve the gap structure between fibers, making the fibers more closely intertwined. This helps improve the absorbency of the fibers and the even distribution of liquids.

Uniform absorption distribution: The butterfly embossed design improves the arrangement and structure between fibers, allowing the cloth roll to absorb liquid more evenly across the entire surface. This ensures consistent absorption and reduces waste caused by uneven absorption.