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Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Jinshan District, Shanghai, Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.(TCK) integrates research and development, production, and marketing of comprehensive hygiene products. We can produce all kinds of wet wipes, dry wipes, single-piece wet wipes, multi-piece wet wipes, disposable soft dry wipes and other sanitary products. OEM/ODM Continence Wipes Manufacturers and Wholesale Continence Wipes Factory in China. The product categories mainly cover infants, adults, and elderly user groups. With the ability to independently research and develop new environmental protection technology and equipment, TCK can produce MPM nonwoven fabric and make MPM production lines. It has two wet wipes factories in Shanghai and Zhejiang, 9 fully automatic bagged wet wipes production lines, and a complete production line paired with imported automated production equipment and testing equipment. Taicikang uses rigorous production processes to create a satisfactory and reassuring customer experience.

TCK's main sales channels in the domestic market are online Tmall,, Douyin, OEM sales, offline NKA and BC supermarket systems/maternal and infant/cosmetics systems/GT dealers, etc. TCK also provides OEM/ODM services for brand wet wipes in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

TCK has ISO9001 certification for quality management standards and has established a strict quality control system, with a one-time acceptance rate of up to 98% for finished products. By dedicating ourselves to the production and manufacturing of wet wipes and nonwoven roll materials, we provide customers with a good product experience.

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We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets. As OEM/ODM Continence Wipes Factory in China. Our products are in line with international standards and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Taicikang Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Industry knowledge
Continence wipes for quick cleaning

Continence wipes offer a convenient solution for quick cleaning in situations where traditional cleaning methods might not be readily available or practical. Here's how they facilitate quick cleaning:

Portability: Continence wipes are typically individually wrapped or packaged in a portable manner, making them easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or bag. This portability allows for quick access and use whenever needed, whether at home or on the go.

Ready-to-use: Continence wipes are pre-moistened and ready to use straight out of the packaging. There's no need to add water or soap, saving time and effort, especially in situations where access to water or washing facilities is limited.

Convenience: With continence wipes, there's no need to locate a sink or bathroom for cleaning. They can be used discreetly and conveniently, providing a quick cleaning solution wherever you are.

Effective cleaning: Continence wipes are formulated with gentle yet effective cleansing agents that help to remove impurities and maintain skin hygiene. They are designed to clean, refresh, and moisturize sensitive skin quickly and efficiently.

Disposable: Continence wipes are disposable, eliminating the need for rinsing or laundering. After use, they can be conveniently disposed of in a waste bin, further simplifying the cleaning process.

How should seniors use Continence Wipes?

Seniors can use continence wipes effectively by following these guidelines:

Choose the right product: Select continence wipes specifically designed for seniors or sensitive skin. Look for wipes that are free from alcohol, fragrances, and other potential irritants. Opt for hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested options if available.

Gently clean affected areas: Use the continence wipes to gently clean the affected areas, such as the genital area or perineal region. Avoid harsh rubbing or scrubbing, as this can cause irritation or discomfort, particularly on sensitive skin.

Proper disposal: After use, dispose of the used wipes in a proper waste receptacle. Do not flush continence wipes down the toilet, as they can cause plumbing issues.

Maintain skin hygiene: Continence wipes can be used as part of a comprehensive hygiene routine for seniors. However, they should not replace regular bathing or cleansing. Seniors should still bathe or shower regularly to maintain overall skin health.

Monitor skin condition: Keep an eye on the condition of the skin after using continence wipes. If any irritation, redness, or discomfort occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Keep wipes accessible: Ensure continence wipes are readily accessible to seniors, especially if they have mobility or dexterity issues. Consider keeping packs of wipes in convenient locations throughout the home, such as the bedroom, bathroom, or bedside table.

Consult healthcare provider: If seniors have specific concerns or medical conditions affecting their skin, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider or dermatologist for personalized recommendations and guidance on the use of continence wipes.